August 2016 In Review


August 2016 Review

August was our best month factoring! We did many deals with local companies including repeat customers. Great conversations with customers have further strengthened our relationships with growing businesses here in Missouri.

Surpassed $500,000

In August, we surpassed $500,000 in financing this year! It was a nice milestone for this new venture. We’re very proud of the relationships we’ve built with local business owners and take great satisfaction from helping them grow with our financing solutions.

Same Clients, Different Month

August was also a great month for repeat business. It’s always great to have repeat business and we enjoy hearing how businesses are growing and the benefits they’ve found from factoring invoices. It’s always great to have face-to-face interactions with all of our clients and learn more about them and their businesses.

24 Hour Turnarounds

We’ve been developing relationships with clients to help streamline turnaround time on invoices. We were less than a 24 hour turnaround on every invoice received in August! We pride ourselves on serving clients in a timely manner to help them grow their business.

If you’re in need of financing, let’s talk.  We can try to find a solution for your business to help it keep growing.

July 2016 in Review

July was a busy month at Mid-Continent Financial Services. We did several deals with local companies during the month. Word has been spreading about our quick turnaround times and ability to factor a variety of invoices.

Wholesale Distributor Deal

We helped a local wholesale distributor that had made sales earlier this year but knew it would be waiting until its’ customers entered their new fiscal year to pay the invoices. We factored several invoices for them and gave them the capital to help them build their business. Once we were paid in full, we issued them a settlement statement along with a check for their balance within two days.

Sub-Contractor Deal

A local bank referred to us a growing sub-contractor doing work throughout the state of Missouri. They have good customers but they’re often slow to pay and with a company experiencing growth like they are, they need cash to pay suppliers to get more jobs completed. We factored three invoices for them and helped improve their cash flow immediately.

Property Management Deal

A local property management company came to us in a bit of a pinch. This time of year keeps them very busy so when a truck broke down, they were left to scramble to get money knowing their customers would pay but they had 10 invoices outstanding they brought to us to factor. We got the deal done same day so they could get back to full strength and service their customers.

It’s the start of the month. Are you ready to bill customers but need cash soon? If you’re typically waiting 30, 60, 90 days let’s talk and see if factoring is a solution for your cash flow problems.

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