What is Purchase Order Financing?

Purchase order financing or PO financing is an invaluable solution to help grow a business’ sales and profit beyond the constraints of an asset based lender or bank’s collateral base formulas.

Let Mid-Continent Financial Services, LLC, assist your business by allowing you to be able to produce your contracts and orders. This will help you grow by not having to wait for your cash flow to catch up with production requirements. You will no longer be constrained by your balance sheet. You won’t need to take on debt to grow your business. When things get tight and your bank is not willing to extend you further credit. Purchase Order financing can save the business.

Purchase order financing is used not only for growth situations as a better, less expensive alternative to a company raising equity for a short term bridge or capital need to fulfill orders, but is frequently used as an effective tool in a company turn around or restructuring. When balance sheet lenders can’t provide the needed liquidity PO financing helps to rehabilitate a company’s relationships and, payment terms. Then their lenders and suppliers are more willing to work with the company.

Mid-Continent has the experience and skills to find financial solutions for your firm using several ways including PO financing, purchasing your accounts receivables, asset lending and other creative ways to expand or even save the business. We have assisted businesses since 1985 with very positive outcomes. We will quickly access your situation evaluate the best course for you and make it happen. We have years of experience with many industries finding sound business solutions the normal problems businesses experience over time.

We know business fortunes can be based on one bad or good decision if after you meet with us you will know the best course of action. If you feel it is PO financing or factoring will be there to help.

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